Contaminated Site Rehabilitation

Although EnviroCopper do not undertake “Pump and Treat” activities as termed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, it is a very similar method to InSitu Recovery and is used here to help in the understanding of ISR.


What is Pump And Treat?

Pump and treat is a common method for cleaning up groundwater contaminated with dissolved chemicals, including industrial solvents, metals, and fuel oil. Groundwater is pumped from wells to an above-ground treatment system that removes the contaminants.

Pump and treat systems are also used to “contain” the contaminant plume. Containment of the plume keeps it from spreading by pumping contaminated water toward the wells. This pumping helps keep contaminants from reaching drinking water wells, wetlands, streams, and other natural resources.


Is Pump And Treat Safe?

Pump and treat is a safe way to both clean up contaminated groundwater and keep it from moving to other areas where it may affect drinking water supplies, wildlife habitats, or recreational rivers and lakes.

The contaminate once extracted is contained at the ground surface. A pump and treat system is continually monitored with extraction wells and groundwater sampling to ensure the plume is decreasing in concentration and is not spreading. For further information click here